Thursday, April 12, 2012

Babes in Toyland

Often times people will send me blankets or toys so that my and Leeloo's smell can be on something the puppy goes home with. This isn't something a new puppy owner must do since I try to send along a toy anyway, but if anyone wants to bring a toy or blanket when they visit, or mail one to me, that's is just fine. Cora appreciates it too and likes to test new toys to make sure they're 'safe' for her siblings. This psychedelic blue lion got the a-okay from her!

Mini has a home chosen now, she seems to be all systems go, the ins and outs appear to be working properly, she's running and playing, and although still quite small she is developing at the same rate right along side her siblings. Her name will be Kota and she'll be living in Calgary with Christy where she'll get to visit her sister Miss Pink very often indeed. Not only are they travelling together, they will have other family ties to rely on once they get to their new homes.

Why, you ask? Well, normally puppies who go to the same province, or even city, don't necessarily get to see each other all the time but I have a feeling that Miss Pink here, and her sister Mini/Kota, will spend a little more time together than is average. Miss Pink is now Emma and she is going to live with Michelle in Calgary. Michelle and Christy are cousins which makes them more likely to arrange playdates than the average new puppy home. I confess, since I met Michelle 7 years ago I've wanted to sell her a puppy because a breeder could not find a better home on the planet. She already has a Ridgeback named Zoey who grew up playing with this litter's grandma, Halo(and Halo *adored* Michelle). Since Zoey is now 7 years old it's a good time to add another puppy and little Emma here certainly fits the bill.  

Miss Lime is in consideration for a show home so I haven't chosen where she will be placed yet. She has a beautiful head so I am having a hard time pinning down who I like more. Structural evaluations are quite critical and I am not allowing myself to be biased about heads since they are all what I like to see.

Mr Blue is now Zeke and he'll be staying here in Nova Scotia where he can meet his brother and a couple sisters for playdates. He is Mr Adventure and nothing seems to bother him - he's usually the first to explore new territory. He is also quite good at telling off Cora when she's being too pushy! Back off sistah!

I'm trying to get portraits of everyone in the coming days but often I have to wait until they've played themselves out and then take photos one at a time. The danger in that is you are taking photos of sleepy puppies who tend to drop into dreamland in the blink of an eye. Hopefully I can get Miss Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow and Mr Light Wheaton in the coming days.

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