Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dream of Electric Sheep

Long time readers will recall the saga of the sheep that I got Esme as a gift. The sheep has managed to survive since it arrived in the house and is taken from the toy box once in a while for a bit of love. The puppies like the larger stuffies because they can sort of ... tackle them. Miss Pink says "What's this? A lame sheep?" Ripe for the picking!

GARGH! She took it out with one bite. Well, technically it was already down but we won't spoil her fun.

She needed to break a leg or two for good measure. Just to be sure it wasn't going to get up and try to escape.

Just try and take this sheep away from her. Go on. I dare you. She may only weigh about 4 pounds but she's all attitude.

Miss Yellow happened to encounter the downed sheep a little while later. Nothing like taking over someone else's spoils. She didn't think it was that interesting until her sister happened upon the carnage.

Then it was a tandem effort to keep that sheep in its proper place as prey. Poor thing never knew what hit it. Thankfully it doesn't get put into the puppy pen and may yet maintain its pristine white fluff a few weeks more. Not so for the little green frog who is currently drying after a bout with the washing machine.

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