Monday, April 9, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Since I live with the puppies it's hard for me to see the marked difference of how they started to how they are now. I also know how much bigger they're going to get so I'm mentally preparing myself! What I do notice is the difference between this litter and the last. These little guys seem to be a lot more adventuresome and are out in the kitchen exploring a lot faster and with a lot more confidence than the last bunch. There's no explanation for it, I haven't done anything much different than last time, the house is the same, the dogs are all the same (except Cora) and the genetics of the puppies is the same. For whatever reason, at almost 4 weeks, these puppies already almost own my house. Leeloo, it is clear, is just biding her time until they move out of it! The eyes you see on this dog will also be on your puppy. How do I know that?

Because they already have them. What a blessing. Not that Raimi doesn't have lovely peepers, but Leeloo's eye shape and expression is what I was hoping to retain, just as in her first litter, and we hit pay dirt. And yes, it is a marvel to see this little bunch of coconuts gazing at me with cheerful curiosity. I know I'm lucky. Soon enough 9 families will be too.

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