Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Tale of Two Sisters

I can't remember why but yesterday Miss Yellow was allowed the special privilege of coming to nurse from her mother while said Doodlebug was on the bed. I think she was crying and hadn't had enough to eat so since everyone else was asleep I brought Miss Yellow to hang out with all the big dogs. Cora was very curious who this little usurper was, taking up a bunch of room on the bed, and gave her a poke or two. Never one to forget that Leeloo is her Mommy, Cora decided to use Leeloo as a pillow just to make sure Miss Yellow knew that Leeloo was HER Mommy first. Fortunately Leeloo is a big gal and there is plenty of her to go around. Perhaps Cora is a little too close for comfort but I'm sure that since Miss Yellow is used to sharing with 8 other mouths, Cora jamming her giant schnoz in her face was no big deal. Cora is proving to be a really great nurse-maid and her interest is now not only accepted by Leeloo, but encouraged ... less work for Leeloo!

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