Friday, April 6, 2012

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Recently a couple people have asked me why I put ribbons on some puppies but not others. Initially when they are born I put ribbons on so I can look back and see what order they were born and how long it was between births. It also helps if I need to weigh and supplement anyone because I have to know the same puppy is being fed each time. Obviously in this litter Mini needs no ribbon, not only for her size but also for her white sock and big white chest.

In a large litter like this multiple puppies tend to have the same coloring and although I can usually tell them apart, puppies like Miss Yellow and Pink are close enough that I'd confuse them if I needed to say, microchip them. No one needs two microchips (except Leeloo but that's a long story). Miss Purple, Orange and Lime are also quite similar so it becomes necessary to be able to tell them apart. Another reason I need the ribbons is that in a couple years, if I need to reference one using photos of them as puppies, if they don't have ribbons I have no way of knowing which puppy it is. I take far too many photos to slog through and label each one with each puppy! I can often tell them apart by the time they are 4 or 5 weeks old without the ribbon but put two years between me and that litter experience and it's unlikely I can tell who is who!   

In this litter the boys are different enough from each other that likely neither needs a ribbon but since Mr Blue looks a little like Orange, Lime and Purple he needs a ribbon so I don't have to keep flipping him over to see if he's a boy! Mr Blue looks suitably embarrassed by that prospect ...  

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