Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Bully

It's been 5 weeks now since the puppies made their way into the world. Hard for me to comprehend how fast time has gone by and how soon they will all be leaving. It's really amazing the development of a dog compared to people - actually, anything compared to people. When life seems designed to ensure you don't survive it's best to grow as fast as you can and show the world you are one tough cookie. Miss Purple is teaching this particular lesson to Raylan.

And Raylan then teaches the lesson to Miss Lime - who is now Peggy. She got her own back shortly after this - no one likes to have their face pinched by those little needle teeth!

Raylan and Miss Purple (name still pending) played a bit of round-a-bout with each other's tails. Raylan's aim was less accurate than Purple's so his tail took the brunt of the attack.

Miss Purple is the largest puppy and appears to be a force of nature. Eat or be eaten is the code and Purple is making sure she is never on the receiving end. There is a food chain of sorts in the puppy pen and it goes Purple, then Miss Red, then the little lion toy. Above Miss Purple of course is her mother and then me.

Miss Red turned the tables for a bit and had Miss Purple's spine in her teeth for a few brief moments. It didn't last long but at least there was some kind of retribution for the underdog ... however fleeting it may be. These days there is a lot more running, tackling and general mayhem so learning to stand up for yourself and not get creamed by the larger puppies is a good life lesson. At least I know that once they leave this house they are well set up for being good canine citizens - bullies need not apply.

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