Monday, April 23, 2012

The Long Goodbye

Leeloo has been self-weaning the puppies and that means tomorrow is the last day that the puppies get to take a meal from their mother. They've been eating Big Dog Food for the last 3 weeks and I've been gradually reducing the number of times per day they eat from Leeloo until tomorrow morning sees the end of the weaning process. Leeloo is producing much less milk now and I've cut back on the amount of food she was getting - from 12 cups at her peak to 6 cups right now - so that when she finally stops feeding them she won't be so swollen with milk that she'll be too uncomfortable. She's already starting to get that svelte figure back and she'll be beating up Cora in no time. The puppies will continue to try and nurse from her for a few days but once they realize that there is no more milk to be had they give up. Miss Vesper here stood waiting for her mom's head to poke through the hole with the hope of a snack (yes, the only clean 'pane' in this French door! If you have windows or glass that dog noses can reach they will perpetually look like this - on both sides if you're lucky.)

Leeloo likes to hang out watching the babies from the livingroom and although they can't get to her, they still show Leeloo she really is the best Mommy they've ever had in the world. Soon they will learn there are other Mommies and Daddies out there but for now they are the satellites to her moon. I am so proud of my Darling Boobles, she did an awesome job raising all her puppies and both she and I can breathe a sigh of relief after tomorrow morning. Zeke and Emma don't know how soon they will be flying the nest so they give kisses when they can.

It's okay though, they still have a couple weeks to get their licks in and once Leeloo is no longer producing milk they will be able to play and spend as much time with her as they want. For now they will just have to content themselves with contact 'through the glass' - how unfortunate it seems a little like a prison visit!

Emma (Pink) didn't let that stop her, she tried to get Leeloo to play and if there wasn't the barrier in the way, Leeloo's expression tells me she'd be game! Leeloo routinely whines to be let in with the puppies but I think it has more to do with the giant saucer of soaked dog food than spending quality time with the kids!

Dogs don't love their puppies on quite the same level that people do (although some people would have you believe otherwise through conjecture based on inexperience) but I wouldn't say that Leeloo was not attached and didn't enjoy her puppies. More now that they are proper dogs and less little parasites determined to sap her life-blood. She wants to play with them, lick them, and teach them the right and wrong ways to behave - that is her job. Moments like this appear poignant, full of devotion and show all the hallmarks of love being given and reciprocated. In truth Leeloo is trying to lick the mash remnants off Emma and answering her invitation to play with an attempt at chomping on her leg - and none too gently. Meh. Let's just say it's love since it's such a nice photo.

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