Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mask

It's clear to me, if not everyone else, that the puppies have lost that sort of stoned look that young puppies have just after their eyes have opened. They can now focus a little better and see several feet. The mischievous glint in a puppy's eye that most people associate with young dogs is now apparent and they are conscientiously backing up that glint with matching behaviour. Miss Orange here, who is now Rue, will soon be pulling out electrical cables and chasing cats in someone else's house.

Zeke, Mr Blue as was, looks all innocent and adorable and doesn't know what you're talking about when you ask who pooped on the bathroom mat. He's perfecting the innocent look to make sure that instead of reaching out to throttle him, you hug him instead.

Emma will have a Ridgeback named Zoey to torture so she may be a little more occupied and/or distracted than the puppies who are not going to homes with resident dogs. That or the two of them will conspire to be extra naughty and work as a team. I have no doubt Miss Emma here will be the one plotting since Zoey is a good girl and I'm not sure she's ever done anything naughty in her life.

This is how I like them best most of the time. Asleep. Rue ran herself into exhaustion and turned into a Seedling. Not to worry, she's busy dreaming up all the things she can do to  my house in the next 2 and a half weeks. They all are.

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