Sunday, April 8, 2012


I had a request to show photos of Mini next to her siblings so the size difference would be more apparent. Of course this makes sense and so here we have Mini next to a few of her siblings. This one might be deceptive because Mini is on the other side of Miss Purple but make no mistake, Miss P is a Very Big Girl. Not to worry though, once everyone is eating 'regular' food and not competing at the milk bar things will even up.

But perhaps not so much for Mini. She sat patiently next to Miss Yellow while I tried to get a portrait but no one was cooperating. Right now they are discovering that the world is larger than the 4 x 7 foot expen they spend most of their time in and when they are out they are in fifth gear explore mode.

Miss Red was more accommodating and she sat patiently with Mini while I took a few photos. It was toward the end of their run and things were winding down as you can plainly see. That or she was unabashedly bored to death from posing with her sister.

I don't think this one really requires any explanation except "Aaaawwww!"

And one last one - big girl and little girl. I do think Mini will catch up a little but she won't ever be the same size as her siblings. Where Miss Red here might be a 75-80lb adult Ridgeback, Mini might be more like a 60-65lb adult. She won't be terribly small but certainly a lot smaller than we typically see in the breed these days. I'll never get over the surprise of seeing this tiny puppy come out of a breeding between Raimi and Leeloo- if you've met either of those two dogs you'll know why!

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