Thursday, April 19, 2012


While the majority of my focus these days is the puppies, I do have to remember that I have 4 adult dogs who need attention and fussing. They have been very patient with me and my inconsistent walks, strange feeding times, being shut in various rooms, and watching me cuddle with little ankle biters. It can't be easy being relegated to the back row and thinking "But ... that's *my* Mommy." As a treat I took them yesterday to the beach. It wasn't warm, the wind was coming directly off the ocean and Winter has yet to leave the atmosphere. We made the most of our time at this protected beach on Caribou Island, good thing too because the road to get to it was atrocious!

Once there the dogs went crazy! This is the sand dune that leads up and over to the beach. It's a crescent shaped beach that is rarely used, even in the summer, and is more of a local favorite than a tourist spot. Up until about the end of June I can take the dogs here with little worry I'll run into other people.

Leeloo is now coming on walks with us, she's only a few short days away from weaning the puppies and I'm sure she is pretty excited about the prospect.

Cora is excited too, she spent most of her time on the sand kicking it up into the other dog's faces although they did a fair bit of kicking of their own. It's nice to see Leeloo getting in on the action a little, she's lost a lot of tone over the past several weeks but I know she'll have it back in no time.

Esme's time spent on the beach is a little different than anyone else's. She is the one who ends up with most of the sand in and on her. If you can't tell she paused to have a shake to get rid of some of the sand - you can even see the grains flying off her!

This is what happens to a Puli nose when it buries itself in the sand - it results in a happy Puli. I really love so many things about this photo.

Cora caught the scent or sight of something out on the ocean, perhaps there was a boat in the distance. Thankfully she is not a water dog and had no inclination to go and get it!

Boy also caught the scent of something and his method was a little more focused. He spent several moments standing and sniffing into the wind. I love his concentration and nostril flare ... and those little flecks of sand!

Leeloo is obviously happy to get out after being cooped up with the babies for so long. She is not going to miss them when they're gone ... she still can't believe Cora never left!

Cora, on the other hand, is delighted to have her playmate back. She probably doesn't remember having the snot beaten out of her by her much faster, more agile and bigger mother of yester-year. Still, she is making up for all that by showing off and returning the favour to a slower, more laden down Leeloo. Watch yourself Cora, once Leeloo is back in shape she is going to school you.

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