Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to the Future

Photos of puppies sleeping can become a bit monotonous but unfortunately at this stage that is all they do besides eat. So it's either photos of sleeping or photos of eating. In the next couple days the eating photos will take a different turn since they will start to get fed a mash in preparation for solid foods. Until then I have tried to capture the last few moments of serenity before they turn into little demons. Leeloo knows what I'm talking about although she has probably repressed the experience.

I'm just kidding. (Or am I?) How can these two little faces ever do anything but be completely darling? Trust me, it happens and it's not that far away. Fortunately their naughty antics rarely involve anything more sinister than biting ankles and chasing Esme. I'm sure Esme has a different opinion about the malice behind dragging her around by her coat.

Oh wait - they DO have eyes! Sort of. Albeit bleary and still lacking focus, the little face of Miss Lime could do no wrong. Check out those triangle ears and fat cheeks and shiny nose; this is the face that gets a puppy out of trouble and prevents me from putting them all in a cardboard box on the front step with a "Free" sign on it.

So does this kind of behaviour. Gives new meaning to the term 'Bark-a-lounger'. Mini looks like she's at the spa waiting for her manicure treatment to begin. I'll be right in with a warm face towel and the foot massager.

Miss Yellow and Miss Purple took advantage of some bonding time with Momma Leeloo who was exhausted by feeding them. It's getting to be quite hard work for her since room at the bar is shrinking daily and now at an exponential rate. Once these guys are on 'real' food their growth rate accelerates. Currently they are about 3 pound each (except Mini) and if you consider that they will be more than 5 times that weight (easily) in less than 5 weeks it's not hard to imagine why Leeloo is looking forward to me feeding them instead of her! Plus she gets to clean out the dish ...

Not much room at the inn these days although they manage to find places to sleep no matter what. If you count them you will find nine slumbering bodies ... quite a difference in size and roundness from just 2 1/2 weeks ago.

And Miss Yellow again - Leeloo's muzzle proves an ideal pillow - one day that little nose will be the same size as that big nose. Interesting factoid - did you know that until just a few years ago the CKC accepted nose prints as the method of permanent identification for purebred dogs? They are like a fingerprint - unique to each animal. Can you imagine smearing a puppy's nose with ink and then dabbing it onto a pre-printed form from the CKC? I can because my parents used to have to do it until they switched to tattooing and then to microchipping. It was messy and often the print had to be done several times to make sure it was clear. Although, come to think of it, the puppies would probably prefer that method to being held down and tattooed or stabbed with a monster guage microchipping needle!

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