Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time

Today Blogger decided that these photos were post worthy-after all. I should say so! Miss Lime certainly didn't appreciate not being allowed to show off her pretty profile  yesterday. Her skin is growing at twice the rate of anything else and unlike people, Lime is proud to show off those laugh lines.

Mr Blue/Zeke doesn't have the crazy wrinkles but he will! All of the puppies have more skin than they know what to do with and it only gets better. Their skin grows to allow for growth spurts so that there isn't any tightening or stretching as there is with people. Not that stretch marks would be apparent on a dog!

Miss Orange has an expression like she doesn't believe me but it's true. You can almost time a puppy's growth spurt by how much more their skin has grown. Not all breeds have this happen but when you are currently 5 or 6 pounds and you need to get to 15 or 17 pounds in just 3 weeks, it's best to have a little extra skin to allow for that kind of expansion!

The puppy whose wrinkles are the cutest are Mini/Kota's because she has an extra obvious eyebrow fold that are too cute to be legal. Then again, she is much too busy playing and wrestling to worry about things like wrinkles and how fast she grows.  

Miss Yellow who is now Vesper, took a moment to play by herself with this cat tube thing. The last litter played with it too and it's a very popular item among the puppy set. It crinkles and rolls and is also apparently quite good to chew on. It's been put to way more use by puppies than cats. You can see her body wrinkles in this photo so it's not just on their heads!

And there she is - Mini/Kota with her sinfully adorable eyebrow wrinkles and her little pink tongue. I bet that foot tastes delicious - it must because she spent several moments investigating its flavour.

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