Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great Outdoors

This morning the puppy's world just got a little bit bigger. I blocked off the rail on the deck with, what else, chicken wire, put ex-pen panels across the steps, and tossed the cats in my room (they are not allowed outside to be exposed to the neighbour's vermin cats) and opened the door. The result was immediate interest followed by suspicion followed by "You go first" and then the leap of faith.

One of the puppies missed the big unveiling because she was hounding Leeloo at the French door. In time Vesper realized everyone was missing and got to check out the Threshold to New Adventure without the support of her siblings. She did fine although a little more caution was employed than was strictly necessary.

In the end they all got outside and is normal with puppies it took no time for them to embrace the experience. Raylan took a moment to sniff the spot his Daddy likes to pee. The puppies will be peeing on the deck in short order which is fine with me ... better than my kitchen floor.

Tezlin also checked out the same spot. They may or may not know it's their Daddy's pee here but either way they are learning to read the 'sign posts' of dogs and that is just another part of growing up and learning about the world.

There's this old couch on my back deck which, after the puppies are gone, will be removed poste haste much to the horror of the resident dogs who like to lie on it in the sun. Emma and Peggy spent a few minutes waving at each other around the corner of it.

In due course the puppies made their way back inside and quickly dropped off to sleep. I like how new adventures like this tire them out faster! Hopefully the weather improves over the next few days and they can experience the sun and finally get to go and run in the grass and learn how to use the steps to the yard. All things to prepare them for the big wide world which awaits in just under two short weeks.

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