Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Secret of My Success

Before getting to the wonder of the puppies I just wanted to update with news of a couple of adolescents from the last litter. They are just 10 months old now and still very much puppies but a couple of them were learning to be Big Time Show Dogs this weekend. Luke, who lives with Stephanie in Newfoundland, has been eagerly preparing and anticipating his first show this weekend. The entry wasn't very high for hounds, it never is but most especially in Atlantic Canada, and the only way for Luke to get his Championship is to place in group. Today he managed to get one point toward his championship with a 4th in the group and given how ill and nervous Stephanie was it's a miracle they made it around the ring! (Although given his training I think Luke could have just shown himself!) I am so proud of this team - I'm sure tomorrow the nerves will be better and I hope Stephanie will be feeling more human. He's the blonde one with no hair ...

(Big thanks to Natasha, who owns Luke's brother Jax, for her photos and updates - soon the two brothers will be squaring off in the ring together!)

Cora also experienced her first 'show' today and I wasn't sure how it was going to pan out. I've been a little ... lazy ... in the socializing/training aspect of Cora's show career (she hasn't worn a show lead or been asked to do anything show related in about ... 3 months) but thought I should get a little practice in before I enter her in a real show. There was a fun conformation match today in Truro with entry fees going to help pay for a bullet proof vest for the Truro K9 Officer. I figured it's as good a time as any to throw Cora into the deep end and at the same time supporting a dog who protects and serves. I was a little nervous and concerned about how she'd react to seeing strange dogs but after a little while of hanging out and watching the action Cora showed like a super star. She 'won' her group and although she was very tired by Best in Match, she restored my faith in the temperaments of my dogs. It wasn't fair for me to do almost no socialising with Cora but the stable, sound minds of her parents came shining through - I plan to get to a few handling classes and possibly another match before her first shows in June. She's actually much happier playing with puppies at home although they don't stuff her full of liver!

Miss Yellow likes the taste of her toes. I'm liking this girl more and more - she's going to be a lovely red and has those totally gorgeous eyes that you can just melt into. It's going to be so hard to choose which girls are going to show homes since I love all 4 show girls for different reasons!

This photo didn't turn out as hoped because someone (Leeloo) walked in front of the flash. However, you can certainly tell that Yellow and Light Wheaton are having a 'moment' although I'm not sure how much Light Wheaton likes this particular moment!

And speaking of Light Wheaton - he now has a home and a name - actually, he's had a home and a name since about day 3. Raylan here is going to be going to live with Sandra in Dartmouth, NS. Sandra already has Archer who is going to DIE with joy at being able to play with another Ridgeback 24/7. Raylan will be shown and no doubt Sandra will do a better job at socializing him than I did with Cora! I have to say that this photo, any photo really, of Raylan does not do him justice. He, like Luke from the first litter, must be seen to be appreciated. He is deadly handsome and I can't wait to show him and his little white toes!

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