Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crimes & Misdemeanors

It's just too easy to photograph the puppies and make them look great. Not only are the subjects already gorgeous, but they are also accommodating and, dare we say it, little prima donnas. They all think they are the most important creatures alive and well they should with these looks. Kota is still easily the cutest puppy I have ever raised and she will go down in the history books as the least show quality puppy to steal her breeder's heart. Good thing I plan to visit her!

Vesper, whose name I adore, is also going to get a check up from me in a few months and possibly even shown by me at her very first show. I am eagerly anticipating a trip to Newfoundland to see her and her siblings and to spend some time with some great 'Invictus' families.

Vesper has a way of looking less than impressed with everything that is happening. It's such a girl thing. She started out lacking a little confidence but with some concentrated effort on my part she has blossomed. I have no doubt that her new family, and her big brother Jax, will bring out the best in her.

Kenzi is also hoping to meet her sister in the show ring in Newfoundland. If it seems like Invictus is single-handedly populating The Rock with gorgeous Ridgebacks with superior genetics ... you might be right! If everything goes to plan I may also even have Cora in NL to show and that would be 5 Invictus dogs in the ring at the same time! I wonder if we'll win?

And Kota again, who I just can't get enough of. She is beyond adorable and ridiculously, sinfully, illegally cute. There should be some kind of restriction on how heart-melting a puppy can be. It pains me to think about stabbing this puppy, or any of the puppies, tomorrow with their microchips. It must be done but dear, oh dear ... that is one big needle jabbing into this darling bitty Baby Booble. Kota says "HOW big is the needle??"

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