Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tezlin is the last puppy standing. Poor kid. Soon she'll be on her way to BC but for now she is being scarred for life by her family. These days she is getting smacked around and abused by her Mom, ignored by her Dad and teased and tormented by her sister. Her only consolation is her foster sister Esme whose joy of life is infectious and spreads far and wide ... well, to a Very Small Ridgeback anyway.  Although it doesn't look like it both of these dogs are having a marvelous time wrestling on the bed. Yes, that black mass of hair is a dog and Tezlin (or Tez as I have been calling her) knows which is the sharp end!

That's the sharp end. They don't just do this on the bed, Esme will wrestle with her anywhere and it's pretty cute to see Tez disappear under the mass of black coat Esme is currently sporting (she's getting groomed this weekend to prepare for a show in 2 weeks, don't tell her). Esme always knows which way is up and although Tez doesn't always get a good lick in through all that hair, she sure tries!

When the fun and games are over Tez takes a breather on her sister's feet. She's a little charmer this one, I will be sad to see her go. She is so accommodating, smart and confident I have no doubt she will settle in to her new home with ease. For now we get to enjoy the presence of only one puppy ... what a nice break it's been!

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