Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Portrait

Today was the first day a puppy was scheduled to head to a new home. Miss Lime, now known as Peggy - or Invictus Dirty Girl - headed to New Brunswick today to enjoy a life on an acreage with a black Cocker spaniel named Luke. Before Peggy headed out I attempted to get the very last photo of all the puppies together on the couch. It was not an easy task! I finally had everyone set up, looking in the right direction, not attempting to leave and I was just depressing the button on the camera when this happened.

That's a Leeloo eyeball. "Whatcha doin'?  Can I help?" No! I shooed her out of the way but by then the puppy's patience had run out and we were working with borrowed time. Eventually I managed to get one photo that I can live with. Here we have, from left to right:

Tezlin, Raylan, Peggy, Zeke, Kota, Kenzi, Rue, Emma and Vesper.

Peggy's new daddy Chad arrived a little while later to take our numbers down to eight. I am sure she will have a wonderful time and since Chad and Carolyn are looking to add another Ridgeback in the future (poor Luke the Cocker!) Peggy won't be long without a Ridgeback playmate. Hugs to Peggy, best of luck and as always if you need anything just ask!

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