Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Love

This weekend was a big event for one of the Invictus puppies because it was his first show. Jax lives in Newfoundland, just recently welcomed little sister Vesper into the fold and headed to his first dog show yesterday. He was late coming to the game but he is smart enough to figure things out and I was reasonably confident that he wouldn't disgrace himself. His owner Natasha has put a lot of work into him so we were hopeful he would do okay, or at least not trip anyone!

His brother Luke is old hat at this dog show thing, his first show was about a month ago when he got a fourth in group for his very first point. The shows these two dogs attend have low numbers because of the location and often times the only way to finish a championship is to place in group. So in this instance the placement in group is less about the ribbon and all breed status they would get, it's more about the Championship points they will earn. In some areas of the country the Ridgeback numbers are high enough that they can compete against other Ridgebacks and get points at the breed level, but for these two they only have each other and the group.

Anyway, Luke was on one point before this weekend and hoped to increase that after it. He did just that by getting a group placement yesterday for another point. He is such a good boy for his Mommy Stephanie and if things work out I'll be able to see him, and his brother and sisters, in the Fall. He shows so nicely and it is only due to the hard work his mom has put in and tireless dedication to his training.

Jax was only entered in 2 of the 4 shows because it was felt that 4 would be too much for his first time. He certainly made up for lost time! Jax won breed in both his shows and placed in group - a 3rd and a 4th - each show so he is now on 4 points. It's always nice to get a breathless phone call from an owner ecstatic about how their dog did. It's so gratifying to know that you've sold not one, but two people, a couple of lovely dogs, and that they are at the shows and doing very well for being 'newbies' - both the dogs and the handlers! Congratulations to both handlers and I am looking forward to the next adventure! And photos ... hint hint.

We'll see how Miss Fancy Pants Cora does at her first show in Lunenburg in 2 weeks. She has turned into a Teenage Drama Queen at 11 months and doesn't think she has to listen to anything I tell her. She is so funny, if I correct her for something she just shrugs her shoulders and roll her eyes - or would if she could. She's a 14 year old girl in a drop dead gorgeous Ridgeback body and she knows it. I'm trying not to strangle her and I hope she survives to the next show ...

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