Monday, May 14, 2012


It was a sad goodbye to Raylan yesterday - Invictus Justified (yes, I bucked the alphabet system for him) but since he's going to live with Uncle Archer and I will get to see him quite often, it wasn't too hard. He is such a little character and I gave Sandra specific instructions to not let him take over their house! He possesses a little more confidence than he really has the right to for such a young boy and I suspect in no time he'll be the boss dog in the house at the very least.
Now I am only left with Tezlin who barely seems to have noticed Raylan's departure. He was a big personality so I suspect she is happy to have her time to shine. She spent last night in a crate in my bedroom for the first time and slept without complaint right up until 5:30am when her mother started whining about being fed. Leeloo has an internal clock that dictates feeding time and it cannot be distracted! I can usually tell her to knock it off but since Tezlin was probably awake and thinking about peeing in her crate I decided to get up anyway. A bad habit to form with Leeloo who will remember tomorrow that she was fed at 6am today!
This will be my last litter for at least 2 or 3 years and that is simply because Cora is still a puppy and Leeloo doesn't need to have any more litters, I'm not the kind of breeder to do a triple back to back in the name of greed. I promised Leeloo no more litters and I like to keep my promises - especially to the dogs. The next promise I need to fulfill is finding a property that allows them the room they need to run and play in a safe environment - no more anxiety driven walks trying to prevent them from bolting after wildlife! I'll also be heading to some shows in the next 6 months but only to meander toward Cora's championship and to Special Esme to keep her sharp while her show coat grows in (only 3 more years to go!).

Head over to Wee Bonny New Scotland if you want to follow the stresses of house hunting in Pictou County and life in Nova Scotia. It won't be all dogs all the time but it will be an interesting adventure that friends and family can enjoy vicariously.

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