Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking ... Chair

Emma, who live in Calgary, is growing like a weed just as her siblings are doing. I have Tezlin here and although I know she's growing it's hard for me to see because my perspective is a little off since I have 3 adult dogs here and she always looks small in comparison. However, when you see a puppy against an object whose size and shape doesn't change, it's easy to see the accelerated growth. Emma lives with a 4 year old who has a pink princess chair, or rather had one, since Emma has decided it is the perfect place for a nap. Puppies that play hard, especially when they live with a small child, sleep hard too. She looks like she's passed out from a hard night of partying.

A few days later and she still fits, but not as well as she used to. She spent a day playing with a young Great Dane and went straight to her chair for a nap afterward. I got word from Michelle that playing with a Great Dane puppy is definitely a good way to wear out a naughty puppy. No kidding.

I'm not sure if Emma has noticed her chair is shrinking but as an adult it will fit her head quite nicely. Michelle got her a lovely (and expensive) dog bed but Emma prefers this little princess chair. It's the same as buying pricey dog toys only to find that the empty paper towel tube is the most amazing toy ever.  She probably likes this chair because it sort of holds her. Or did.

Her Little Person, Wynn, hangs out with Emma while she naps. That is one unconscious puppy. They can sleep in the most amazing positions and for a very long time it's like puppies are made of rubber. I'm curious to see how Emma deals with the shrinking chair - I wonder if there is a larger version of it ... or Michelle will just have to buy Emma her own La-Z-Boy. It's been done!

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