Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Creatures

I have neglected to update on the two puppies I still have so today I'll post some totally amazing photos I took of them today at my friend and co-worker Shelley's house. 

Raylan continues to amaze me with how darling he is. I am sure he is going to be a better and improved version of his father and that can only mean he will leave broken hearts in his wake. I am so grateful to Sandra for providing him not only with a wonderful home but also for allowing me to attempt to attain his Canadian Championship. It goes without saying that this puppy takes my breath away.

Leeloo doesn't care how handsome he is, she just likes to beat him up. Soon this will be Archer's job and then shortly after that I'm sure Raylan will turn the tables and beat up Archer, who is kind of a sissy.

Not to be outdone by Raylan, Tezlin is showing herself to be quite the little looker. She certainly knows how to strike a pose. She is a pretty confident little girl and is demonstrating the stable and mellow temperament all the puppies seem to have. So much so that someone asked me if her puppy was drugged! No, I don't drug them (although sometimes I want to).

She spent some time racing around in the dandilions (and eating them) and obviously enjoying the sun which we haven't seen for several days.

Standing around and looking pretty may be over-rated in some circles but for Tezlin it will never go out of style. I have a feeling both these puppies are well on their way to looking more like their Daddy in body and bone but tempered with their Mommy's face and darling eyes. It just doesn't get better than that unless you actually get to live with Leeloo and Raimi.

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