Saturday, May 12, 2012

Full Throttle

It was nice to get the dogs out yesterday at Shelley's so they could have a big gas and race around about 20 acres of cleared land. It is always gratifying to watch them run at full speed across the fields knowing that not only are they getting exercise and topping up on Happy Dog Experiences, but also later that night they'll be dead to the world and I can concentrate on getting some things done!

Raimi and Cora 'shared' a stick for a little while. Neither of them are big on sharing so this was a noteworthy moment. You'd think Boy would teach his daughter some manners but his are just as bad, if not worse, than hers.

Cora definitely isn't passing on any sisterly advice to her brother and sister who were trying to play with her and her hard won stick. Try as they might she always kept it just out of reach.

Never mind, they have each other (although not for long) and spent several minutes playing in the middle of the field together getting in some quality time before Raylan heads to his new home. They were awfully cute rasslin' out there by themselves!

Leeloo followed their example and had some fun by herself. She is thrilled to be done with the puppies and her body is returning, if not to its former glory, at least a shadow of it. Only a few more weeks and it will be hard to tell she ever had a litter.

It's going to be Esme's turn next and she doesn't know what she's in for! She also spent a lot of time collecting grass in her coat and bringing it home for me to sweep up.

Cora is slowly becoming an adult and although I'm sad to see the puppy in her disappearing, I am happy to see what a lovely girl she is becoming. Her first show is in about 4 weeks and hopefully we will be able to attend ... more on that if you make the jump to Wee Bonny New Scotland.

The Boy will always retain some of that puppy quality I think. He is perpetually joyful and full of the kind of Happy of which puppies seem to be comprised. He loves Shelley's house the most probably because it offers him a chance to open up the throttle and show off his speed. Maybe one day soon we'll have enough land so he can show off on his own property ...

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