Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letters From Home

As expected Raylan is taking over his new home with the confidence and attitude I expected. He was a bit of a force here and I am sure there is no chance he won't be the Boss Dog in his new home. Uncle Archer is a bit mortified but he'll come around once he realizes that Raylan is another Ridgeback. They never play quite as well as when they have one of their own kind to wrestle with and once Raylan puts on a few pounds I can well imagine Sandra's house will be full of the typical Ridgeback smackdown! Obviously this face can do no wrong and I'm sure he's never going to get into any trouble. Sandra tells me he slept on her bed snuggled into her neck for the first night ... and the rest of his life!

Sandra's house, like mine, is a Dog Zone and they are allowed on the furniture which is good since Raylan has clearly made himself very comfortable. We'll have to keep this photo in mind for when he's grown and compare how the couch shrinks ... they have a habit of doing that.

I don't have any new photos of Tezlin for today but she is adjusting very well to life without her domineering brother. Cora is playing with her under the table while I type and last night Leeloo was beating her up and Tezlin was telling her to stop it which she hasn't done before. She's become a lot more confident without her siblings here and her personality has had a chance to shine. She will be headed to her new home in a couple of weeks and although I will be sad to see the last of the Raimi x Leeloo puppies go (mostly sad because it's another 3am wake up...), I am happy to know her new family is eagerly awaiting her arrival. Not long now!

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