Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I didn't post yesterday because I was exhausted and absolutely had to go to bed. I feel even more tired today but I know people want to see the babies in their new homes to make sure they are allokay. I've been attempting to prep my house to go on the market so between that and sending off 7 puppies it's been a crazy few days for me. I am accustomed to having all kinds of time to myself so to have give that up has been very hard. Good thing I don't have kids!

Word is coming in from the various homes and the puppies are settling in great. Everyone seems to be adjusting very well to their new lives and enjoying the solitary attention that they were not able to get when in a litter of nine. Emma loves her new bed and crate and although her 'sister' Zoey thinks this little usurper can go right back where she came from, I'm confident they will soon be best of friends. Fortunately Michelle has a good support group of RR owners (and Invictus owners) in Calgary to help Zoey get used to the idea of Emma!

Luke the Cocker is coming around to the possibility that Peggy is going to stick around. Peggy is already heading out for field trips to the construction site where her Mom and Dad are building her a new house ... I mean, themselves a new house. I'm pretty sure Peggy will 'own' that joint in no time!

Kenzi made is safely to Newfoundland despite the fog and delays and will no doubt get to meet up with her sister and two older brothers for play dates. Her mom Kate got Kenzi as a surprise gift for her partner but the day before she was due to pick up Kenzi he had to leave for work for 2 weeks. Oh well, at least he'll come home to a house trained puppy!

And I know everyone wants to know how little Kota is doing. She is marvelous and ridiculously spoiled by Christy. She will meet up with Emma for playdates and is already booked in a training class with her sister. Kota is getting used to the idea of being singularily spoiled and I'm sure she is not going to mind being the only child one bit! More treats and hugs for her! More updates on Zeke, Rue and Vesper tomorrow, the photos are inaccessible right now and I have more house prep to do tonight before bed since I have a showing in the morning. Hugs to all my distant babies and thanks again to the dedicated homes who are taking better care of Leeloo and Raimi's babies than I could have possibly imagined.

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