Thursday, May 31, 2012

Far and Away

Another early morning and another puppy to the airport. Thankfully this time the trip was totally uneventful. Tezlin was the last puppy to go and although I am happy to have my life back to 'normal' I was a little sad to see her go. She had a long day which started with me at 2:30am this morning and although I was very tired for the entire day, I didn't have to spend it in a crate being loaded and unloaded from planes. She left Halifax at 7am and arrived in Calgary at about 9:30am, she then waited (patiently I'm sure) for a connection to Kelowna and safely arrived in her new family's arms at 11:30am. What a weird day for her!

Tezlin was sweet, smart and eager to please and I'm hearing from her BFF Hailee that she is carrying on that tradition in her new role in a single dog household ... that will take some getting used to since she's so used to having to avoid the long legs of her parents and sister. Puppies are generally so trusting that they can simply accept whatever is happening to them, it's part of the reason it's so important to not abuse that trust. The puppies I place with people are often just like Tezlin and have little issue adjusting to their new lives and accepting that this is what is happening now. With the reinforcement of treats, praise, hugs and love there isn't a chance in the world they won't think you are the greatest person on the planet ... and try to take advantage of you!

Best of luck and hugs and kisses to Miss Tezlin, it was great to get to know you one on one (which is hard to do with a litter of 9) and I'm positive you are going to love Kelowna, plus you will get to see your Uncle Hunter (Halo x Zuli 2009) on a regular basis ... he will be sure to keep you fit. For now though you can enjoy the bones and the comfy beds and all the hugs that two children (and I'm sure their parents) can give out!

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