Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday before their visit to the vet for their vaccinations, the puppies all got a bath. It was exciting for them right up until they ended up being the one in the water. It wasn't the thrill they thought it would be and most of them attempted some form of escape. Zeke took it like a man but still wanted out.

Emma was the most persistent about leaving, no surprises there, and let me tell you, when puppies are wet they are slippery little suckers!

Kenzi was also pretty annoyed about the whole thing. Kenzi is certainly a puppy who knows her mind and makes no bones about what she thinks of things. She's going to need a firm family to make sure she stays on the right track!

Kota, who is perpetually curious and cheerful about everything, lost a little bit of sparkle when her feet hit the water. I'll admit that it's hard to do things to Kota that she doesn't like because her expression is so wounded and she looks at you with those giant eyes and you just want to hug her and made all the Sad go away.

Not that you don't want to make the Sad go away for all the puppies, especially when Peggy looks so dejected. Most of the puppies figured they smelled just fine, despite spending the last several weeks playing and rolling each other in pee and poop.

They don't get very dirty necessarily, they just get kind of funky, so a quick 4 minute bath freshens them up and makes them a little bit more huggable. And brighter. Raylan's coat shone like the sun after his bath although he thought it was a big waste of time.

Rue was making for the hills, or at least trying to, for most of her bath. The puppies think they stink now since they smell like Hawaiian pineapple (according to the bottle) but they'd prefer to smell of damp newspaper.

' Are you mad at me?' is the expression I imagine these puppies have every time I need to do something to them that I know they won't like. This also includes nail trimming and putting them away after they have been destroying my house for an hour. Tezlin insists that never happens.

Vesper turns away with 'Don't look at me, I'm hideous' but actually she was looking for another way out. Just before the puppies leave for their new homes they'll get another wipe down but not a bath. Every new home will have a chance to bath their puppies and make them smell like baby shampoo, oatmeal, vanilla, spring sunshine or whatever scent it is they put in shampoos these days. Remember not to use people shampoo, the pH is too high and dries out their skin. I just use dish detergent(because it's formulated to be soft on hands (Palmolive is the best)), baby shampoo (since it's mild), or plain old dog shampoo. Vesper thinks none of them are necessary and she never needs to have another bath ever again.

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