Monday, May 31, 2010

Walking Tall

I'm going to do a short blog today because it was my first day back at full time work in a year and 6 weeks ... I am exhausted. I was up at 6:30am walking the dogs so at least they'd be tired during the morning and then after work they got a second walk with Raimi and Archer's brother Mungo. If you don't know who Mungo is you haven't been following Mungo Eats LA - how he and his family got from Argentina to Pictou County is a tale best told by his own blog. I'll explain a little more later but for now I will let you delight in this photo of me and Leeloo and Raimi on the beach on Sunday. I met with Sara Logan and her two Ridgebacks Kiki and Po, you may remember them from a couple walks last fall, and Rhonda who is a director for the RRCEC. Rhonda has a cabin near Pictou so we all met up to take the Ridgebacks for a run. Sara took some really great photos of the dogs and I'll post some of those later too. In the meantime you can finally see how tall I am ... or rather, how tall Leeloo is ...

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