Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gold Raiders

Spring is well on it's way over here in Nova Scotia. Most of the trees, if not bursting into leaf, are at least budding happily away and preparing to fill their branches. The grass has long been a carpet of green and as you can see the dandelions are pretty well out of control. At the provincial park that is just about 7 kilometres from my house there is a large field and then a path down to the beach. These are the field photos from today. We crested the hill and beheld a sea of yellow. Leeloo was the first to oblige me with a photographic moment.

She almost seems to be saying 'Take my picture Mommy, I look fabulous today." You can see the crescent of the beach beyond the hill with Munroe Island in the background.

Archer and Esme had a good blast through the golden weeds. Archer had a stick that he was incredibly proud of and Esme was determined to wrestle it from him.

Here he is showing off the stick and making me jealous I didn't have one. Man, I wish so MUCH that there was another stick *somewhere* I could carry around and chew on ... for sure.
Raimi did his usual run run run and then he spent the bulk of the time keeping watch and making sure the area was secure. Heaven preserve us from marauding squirrels.

Isn't this a great view? Nothing like Leeloo's ass to make you appreciate the finer things in life.

Esme often stays behind when the Ridgebacks do something stupid like throw themselves headlong into the trees to investigate the squirrel they can hear but not see. I suspect it has more to do with the sense she has rather than their turn of speed ... or maybe a bit of both. 

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