Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Anniversary

Ever miss an anniversary and have to send extra flowers to apologize? Well, I should send them to myself. I missed my one year anniversary in Nova Scotia! Exactly one year and two days ago I arrived at my parent's house with all the beasts in tow. Look at how SMALL Archer is! He was exactly 8 weeks old in this photo. My Dad is all set with his coffee and we are just heading out to make the final 70km drive to my house in Pictou.

And one year ago yesterday I arrived at my new home. I cannot believe it's been a year. I feel like it was just a moment ago I was driving across Canada. The dogs trapped on their new deck are probably glad the fence went in reasonably fast!  

It's been a year of 'vacation' with beaches, forests, fields and frolick. All that ends next week when I return to full time work but I know the beaches, forests and fields will still be waiting after work and on weekends. The below photo is the dog's very first beach run ... they took it in stride, just like everything else.  

I have absolutely zero regrets about moving out here. I can't believe how lucky I am. The dogs, I think, feel pretty privileged too. Beating up Raimi in the grass, gilded by sunshine and smiles all around ... yup ... I think I made a pretty good decision!

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