Monday, May 17, 2010

A Home of Our Own

What was happening a year ago? Well, on this Monday a year ago I was packing my trailer and preparing to leave Calgary forever. It was an easy decision to leave but hard one knowing I was leaving behind all my friends and Ridgeback connections. I'll be honest, I don't miss Calgary one bit but I do miss the people who stayed behind.

This was also the weekend that all the puppies from Halo's last litter went to their new homes. I'll post some recent photos of the litter - if you are Ella or Gracie's Mom and Dad I encourage you to submit!  I know they are doing great but everyone wants to see how they are growing up. Well, I do anyway! Here's the bunch just before they all left for their new homes ...

And now this is Tikka. She lives in BC with her family and is a very lucky girl to have such a fabulous backdrop to her life. She is maturing beautifully, is the perfect weight and will be an absolutely stunning mature Ridgeback.  
Hunter also lives in BC. He is in the interior and is likely enjoying some warm weather also. He is a great hiking companion and is also looking incredibly fit and well taken care of - he is also going to mature beautifully.
Rio lives in Calgary and just like Archer and Leeloo she can't pass a log without chewing on it! She is certainly growing into a gorgeous girl!
I did have a photo of Odin but I can't find it. Just imagine a boy version of Leeloo only taller with more leg. How is that possible ... oh, it's possible! Odin, assuming he one day grows into his legs, will end up a lovely big boy with a heart of gold.

Here's a cute one of Archer I found from when we were on the road to Nova Scotia. He is lying on his back just beyond Raimi's giant head. You can see his little nose poking out beside Raimi's ear. What a little cutie pie! He travelled so well, I was extremely proud of my little troops.

As mentioned I don't have 'recent' photos of Ella in Yellowknife or Gracie in Calgary but I know they are doing great. I hear from them occasionally but I know they are busy - especially Gracie's family with 3 kids! And by recent photos I mean within the last couple months - I certainly don't expect to hear from people every other day, or even every other month, but often owners will drop a line to let me know they are still doing great and to show off their wonderful Ridgebacks. I am very pleased with how consistent this past litter is - they all seem to be right on track with each other as far as growth spurts. They uniformlyly maturing at a slow but steady pace which I prefer to a puppy who looks mature at 8 months old - they can end up coarse and over done as adults.  I love how clean and smooth they all look - it puts them in a good way to be just right when they stop growing.

Hugs to all the 'B' litter puppies ... you are all in wonderful homes and are clearly getting the best of care! I done real good picking your forever families! (Pat pat pat myself on the back)

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