Monday, May 10, 2010

Across the Universe

What is it to be happy? I know I am happy and I know I'm not fooling myself when I say that. Being truly happy means being utterly satisfied with how everything in your life is arranged from your relationships down to liking the couch you sit on - even if it is really the dog's couch. The way I live is not an accident, it's design. I am often surprised people are surprised at how I plan my life. It's not hard you know; make a plan and stick to it. I don't allow things to occur in my life that I don't want to affect it, in as much as I can control such events, and when something happens I can't control, I adapt and move forward without dwelling (too much) on what if's and maybe's.

You do, in fact, make your own luck. I suppose some people might call it 'The Secret' but whoever wrote that was simply banking on an idea that has existed, and was written, long ago. Ever heard of James Allen? James Allen, for all those 'Secret' fans, wrote of 'the secret' over 100 years ago so the idea is not new - it's just a re-dux of Mr Allen's work to give the people of the new millennium something to believe in other than terrorism and natural disasters. The framework is slightly different but the core belief is the same - what you put in you get out.  It's been simplified into 'The Universe is Listening' simply because most people need a Greater Authority to heed, a Big Brother as it were. 

I am a firm believer that things happen as they are meant ... whatever they may be, and you must simply deal and move on. I think I take this philosophy, to a degree, from the dogs. They literally live in the moment and it is a rare person who ever does that, except children I suppose. So, with all that said, here are some moments my dogs spent yesterday just being themselves ...

Leeloo sniffing grass into her nose and then proceeding to roll in it ... I love it when they do that because then they smell of fresh cut lawn. Her expression is hysterical - that's her 'crazy eye and grin' of happiness just before she does something whack-a-dooey. 

Whack-a-dooey? Ya, that's right ...

Leeloo tackling Raimi who was enjoying a grass roll of his own. She brooks no mercy with him ... he always gets the ultimate smack down.

That bright little eye says it all ... WHEE!

While the three hooligans had a wrestle in the background, Raimi lay down to enjoy some sunshine and watch the world go by. He paid absolutely no attention the the complete mayhem just a few feet beyond. It was so cute.

Leeloo did her own laying about (eventually) but never stays that way for long.

All of them in the 'now'. What a way to live.

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