Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Perfection

Okay, so I know this is a Ridgeback blog but since the addition of Esme I feel bound to include her. Someone commented a few days back that Esme probably thinks she is a Ridgeback anyway and I'm pretty sure that is the case. Whenever we go to my parent's house she sees other Pulis and is horrified. She sees her friends The Big Reds and is delighted. She is definitely suffering from some sort of identity crisis!

Now, I can go on and on about how great Leeloo is, or Archer or even the Boy but they have their faults. I know what they are and I accept them. I show them to their virtues and down play their faults, just as with any handler. I don't look at them and only see their faults, I see the dogs I love and will breed to minimize what I don't like and carry on(we hope) what I do like. That is how breeding works.

Except with Esme. I cannot find fault with this Puli. From every angle she is correct. I look at her and think "Perfect." If you read the Puli standard she is every word. She is typey, sound, smart, moves beautifully, is quick and agile, has a gorgeous coat - I could go on and on.  She also brooks absolutely no crap from the Ridgebacks - she may be small but she's a tough little cookie. For those who don't know Esme was bred by and is co-owned with my parents who have Immerzu Puli Kennels in Wallace, Nova Scotia.

I grew up with these dogs. I can safely say I have known dozens of Pulis up close and personal for the better part of more than 2 decades. I have seen many types at specialties and within my parent's own house. I know what a good typey pretty Puli looks like and I know I have it destroying something important in my house right now.

Just a sec ...  

Okay - why do I go on and on about Esme when this is a Ridgeback blog? Well, mostly because she is as much an important part of the pack as the rest of them. She is part of our lives and deeply affects the dynamic in the house. But also because for those of you who don't see the likes of a Puli very often, you are privileged now to be able to lay your eyes on a really really good one.

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