Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flight of the Phoenix

I was out most of the day at my parent's house for Mother's Day and as usual the dogs accompanied me to go for a walk in the lovely fields of freshly mown grass. I don't have much time tonight to post much since I'm tired after helping my Dad remove a deck boards so I'll just tell the story of their day in a few photos ...

Here's the pack having a mad dash - I changed the setting on my camera and while it created some neat effects I don't think I'll use it much.
And Raimi's solitary dash ... I love that pink tongue flailing and the ears flapping - 100lbs of joy in flight.
Esme's getting better at keeping up with the two idiots who think nothing of full body tackles and flying grabs. Fortunately Esme is there to keep them in line!

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