Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Fly

A walk in the woods and fields in the heat of the day makes for very tired dogs. Add to that their very helpful assistance while I mowed the lawn, watered the garden, planted some annuals and hung out the laundry and you end up with 4 utterly exhausted dogs.

Prior to our walk I meant to spray the dogs with fly repellent but forgot. So, while we walked, some medium sized sort of harmless flies buzzed around the dogs and didn't bother Leeloo, Raimi and Esme one bit. Archer spent almost the entire time doing this:

He was totally convinced that a fly was on his tail and *chewing it right off*. See how harmless they are? These are not the Tiny Bitey Flies ... the walk would have been even shorter if that had been the case.  

Leeloo also had some dark passengers but paid them no mind. They were just hitching a ride.

Eventually she had a roll and they either took themselves to more stable grounds or got squashed beneath her light wheaton bulk.

I can't imagine a fly, or anything, can get through this coat so as far as Esme is concerned flies don't even exist.

Raimi noticed one or two but that was probably only when they were walking on him, if they just landed and prayed he simply ignored them. Or it could be because he spent so much time disappearing at high speed into the fields they never had a chance to really get a good grip. He's that teeny weeny little dot right in the middle there. Bye Raimi.

Thankfully when Archer finally got into the truck this expression resolved into the happy grin I am accustomed to seeing on the little guy. I promise I won't forget the fly spray next time ... Scout's Honor.

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