Saturday, May 8, 2010

Path to Paradise

It's easier to get my arse in gear when it's a beautiful sunny day to take the dogs out. I don't always go to the same paths although where I usually walk them the trails are all interconnected. I think if I were to walk them through the entire course it would take me about 2 hours to complete.

I'm not sure which they prefer; the paths bordered by bushes ...

The ones that meander through the trees ...
Or the ones bordered by large fields of grass.
Each path offers it's own unique diversions that keep the dogs interested and excited.The woods must have an array of stories to tell about the animals and birds that live there. What's this? A rare sighting of the white-footed blonde gazelle ... sssshhhhh ... don't startle it.
Right now the fields are prime chasing area. They can get a real turn of speed and the boys are not above show boating to impress the ladies.
But I must admit, the quiet paths bordered by bushes are my very favorites. Protected from the wind, enveloped by the sun, and just the right width to allow a dog to bolt by without shoving you into the undergrowth ... most excellent walking fare.

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