Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Rat Pack

The dogs normally move as a pack. It's a rare thing to see them all take off in different directions. This photo is representative of what happens when I open the back of the truck. All excited bolting down the path with happy tails and ears.

And this is about 1.8 seconds later. See them there ... waaaaaaay down the path?

Eventually they resolve into milling which allows me time to catch up. They circle round for a bit in the grass and bushes to wait for me. I know they are waiting because as soon as I catch them up they carry on down the path at pace while checking to be sure I am following. Archer is the most diligent about confirming my whereabouts.

Leeloo ... not so much. This is a common occurrence; her racing to catch up to the group because she got distracted by some smell and didn't realize we were still moving.

Esme is pretty good about sticking close by, she doesn't like to be more than about 50 feet away from me and is pretty good about checking to make sure she can see me. Of course there are times when she has too must play catch up!

It's nice for me to be able to count on them sticking together, I rarely need to holler for one to return to the group (usually Leeloo). Although occasionally when we run into a lone dog and their person walking in the woods it can be quite intimidating to see this bunch barrelling across the field!

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