Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothing to Lose

No points for Archer today. He behaved reasonably well but the judges liked Pearl more - she is more mature and showed very well for her Mom and with Archer's losses Pearl finished her Championship! Archer was happy to give up those points because he would do anything for Pearl who is just going out of heat. He started whining his love serenade to her and she was not impressed ... maybe when he's more grown up the girls will look at him a little more seriously! He is so cute.

Next weekend is another show in Amherst and Leeloo has explicit instructions to lose (because she is already a Champion).  See, I put her in Amherst because the show entries closed before the show she finished at occurred - make sense? Anyway, Pearl is unlikely to travel all that way to show for points she doesn't need and Archer and Leeloo are the only class entries ... which is why Leeloo is not to win. Sound silly? Well, when I entered I didn't think I'd be my own competition but I paid my money and I intend to try to get points on the dog who needs them!  Maybe I'll hobble Leeloo ... hmmmm ... either way I won't lose and if Leeloo gets some 'safety' points so be it.

On a happier note; yesterday Zero, who is Archer and Raimi's brother (Halo is everyone's mom), won Best of Breed in a show in New Mexico and then went on to win a third in the hound group. Go Zero! I bred Zero (he is a litter brother to Karma who just had puppies in Alberta) and co-own him with Erin Coogan in Utah (she is Halo's breeder). Zero is doing very well as a Special in the USA and I imagine we will hear more good news about him in the coming months. At least if my dogs are not winning at home I'm winning thousands of miles away!

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