Monday, May 24, 2010

Winner Takes All

I forgot yesterday to thank my mom for showing Leeloo for me during the Breed class. She did a very good job of not trying too hard although I'm not sure how much different 'trying hard' would have looked considering she has never shown a Ridgeback before! She did mention that making Leeloo look bad while gaiting was a near impossibility since she moves so well but she did a good job of only free stacking. Also thanks to my Dad for videoing me and my dogs - once I figure out how to get videos onto either Youtube or Facebook I'll post the link. Thanks to both for putting me and the hounds up for the weekend - it was a great little getaway as always!

Anyway ... yes, I'm that cheesy dog owner who takes photos of their dog with the most mundane ribbons. They are not big rosettes, don't come with  fancy prizes or win us any money but for me, a 5 point weekend with Archer is something to seriously celebrate. Here's me pointing at all his ribbons and there's him pointing back. He's so cute! Do I say that enough? Probably not.

He wanted to suck on the ribbons so the photo session was quite short. Those purple and yellow ones are three Best of Winners ribbons and the green and white is his Best of Opposite Sex ribbon - that ribbon gives him an extra point for beating a Special.

His response to all this is still "I got points, Mommy? Can I eat them?" which is pretty typical for this little guy. So instead of eating points he tried to eat the ribbons which in a way is the same thing. Did I already mention how cute he is?

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