Friday, May 7, 2010

Sense & Sensibility

I recently re-read and watched the movie Sense and Sensibility and there is a line( though I can't recall if it's in the book) where Marianne exclaims "Is there a felicity in the world greater than this?" I often repeat that line to myself while out with the dogs and to answer Marianne's question ... no, there is no greater felicity in the world than walking the paths of Nova Soctia with my dogs. 

I don't have to tell the dogs to stop and smell the flowers, they typically stop and smell everything. One time though, to take advantage of the blossoming trees, I insisted that it was a flower sniffing day.

Raimi didn't get it. I mean ... at all. He had no idea why I was waving this branch in his face. Guh?
Leeloo thought I was being 'so silly Mommy' and tried to eat the branch. I accidentally shoved a bit of it up her nose and she quickly lost interest.
Archer, being a bright and cheerful ball of sunshine, was the only one to oblige my need to get photographs of them doing strange things and happily stuck his nose into the blossoms. He is such a sweetheart. (No tree or blossoms were harmed in the taking of these photographs.)
I did attempt a photo of Esme with a dandelion but she went straight from looking to eating and skipped the cute 'sniffing a flower' part of my project. So ... no photo of her sniffing a flower. I did, however, try to get Archer's take on dandelions and let's just say they don't appeal as much as a pretty blossom on a tree.
There's Esme, standing on the path watching Archer and Leeloo 'Madhouse' their way across the field. She likes to chase and grab legs and ankles, smelling flowers is for pansies.
And my bunch of hooligans. Aren't they a motley crew?

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