Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Stinks

Yesterday, while at the beach, I resigned myself to accepting that Leeloo was just going to spend her whole time snuffling through the seaweed. I don't know what she was looking for but I strongly suspected I wouldn't like it. As Raimi, Archer, Esme and I progressed down the shore Leeloo was always about 200 feet back with her nose poking into every bit of flotsam and jetsam she could find. I could still see her even though she was a good way off so I left her to her own devices. As she drifted past me once or twice on her way to some other interesting delight I told her that I better not see whatever she was ingesting at 3am. 

Everyone else was ahead of me having a grand old time chasing, running, playing, sniffing and heaven help me ... rolling ... in the sand.  I would pay for this later.

Eventually Leeloo did come and play a few times but she'd always return to the high tide line to dig through the bits if junk that the water pushed up onto the dune.
Eventually we headed home and I quickly discovered, while sitting in my livingroom, that 4 dogs on the beach bring home only one kind of smell. The kind you do not want in your livingroom. I'm not sure what made this particular beach visit so aromatic but I suspect the real culprit is Esme, although Archer and Leeloo sure have a pong about them as well. Esme rolled in something and although I do not know what it was I sure know what it smells like. Last night I had to move her crate to the door of my bedroom because I could smell the sea *very* strongly right next to my bed.

I was wrong about the time that Leeloo would regurgitate the sea fare. I guessed 3am but under-estimated by 38 minutes. She started with the infamous urka gurka and I shot out of bed, around the corner, to the back door and shoved her outside. While she expelled whatever garbage she'd been unsuccessfully digesting I went to the bathroom. By the time I got out she was waiting patiently at the back door looking at me with bright eyes, "I feel much better now, Mommy." I'm sure you do.  

I found her 'owl pellet' this morning; a very tidy affair sitting on the concrete of the backyard. I looked at it through cynical eyes, thankful it did not end up in my house because however bad the dogs smell on the outside, I don't want to imagine what something that has been *inside* smells. And cleaning it up at 3:42am is not high on my Bucket List.

Ah well, at least while we were there they had the time of their lives ... that's what counts in my book.

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