Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Over the weekend I stayed at my parent's place and as usual I took the dogs for a walk. The property has two ponds on it, one is picturesque and one is ... not. They both, however, have frogs. I remember frogs from my childhood, about the size of a loonie, and very cute. The frogs here are like Super Frogs (but apparently they are just plain Green Frogs common to Nova Scotia). I took some photos and then backed away very slowly.

This frog is actually only about 2 inches away from my hand. It's got to be at least 6 inches from head to uh, tail. It even stayed where it was while Archer stood in the water a foot away and took a drink. The dogs never ever saw the frogs, Kermit's cousins would hop so fast into the water the dogs could never spot them - all they'd see was a splash.  
And here are the frogs nests. Or whatever they are called. Spawn? Eggs? There were at least 2 dozen 'pods' under water filled with hundreds of tiny little green eyeballs. It was so neat. See the frog in the upper right hand corner 'guarding' the nests?

The dogs must have been inspired by the frogs because they did some hopping of their own. Archer started them out jumping across a cut in the woods next to the pond.

Leeloo quickly followed. She was totally showing off for Archer and putting those long legs to good use.

Even Raimi was compelled to hop back and forth a couple times. He was not so into it as the other two so the half hearted look on his face is for my benefit.

Esme *really* wanted to make the jump but could not bring herself to attempt it. It showed good judgement on her part as it was a bit far for her little legs to carry her. Maybe one day she'll be Big.

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