Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As I drive the dogs put their heads out the window sometimes (depending on the speed and temperature) and I captured Leeloo and Archer as we entered the parking area at the beach today. How cute are they? So excited to be going for walk! "Stop here Mommy! Stop!"

What a great day for a walk - although my fingers got cold with the wind - and the dogs had a fabulous time. We were out for an hour which surprised me, we don't normally stay out that long but they were having such a good time I didn't want to cut it short.

When the Ridgebacks wander into the water, for whatever reason compels them, they *always* walk like this. Hind feet go up, over and out and very gently, without splashing, take another step. It's just hysterical to watch. Oh the horror if another dog runs past to splash them.

Again with the little black sea sponge leaping and grabbing and generally making an absolute disaster of herself. Leeloo was very patient, even when Esme made a grab at her hocks.

And on the dunes the kids will play hardcore. They really like the sand, it seems to get them going. It's a different wind up than long grass but it's still a wind up.

Leeloo wandered into this little tidal pool between dunes and stopped every few feet to tap at the surface of the water. She wasn't taking a step, she was tap-tap-tapping at something floating in the water.
And the Leeloo grin of happiness. This is on the last leg of the walk just heading back to the truck ... you're most welcome Leeloo.

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Kathryn said...

You realize, of course, that Esme thinks herself a Ridgeback...maybe crossed with one of those sea sponges.