Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bedtime Stories

When I headed to bed last night the dog were all missing. Usually I spend a bit of time on the computer before bedtime and the dogs hang out in the livingroom with me. Not so last night.  I didn't think anything of it because I knew they were in the house somewhere and it's not that big a house!

After logging off and preparing for bed I entered my bedroom to find Raimi and Archer in a compromising position. I believe Raimi to be the innocent party here and Archer is simply taking advantage of him.

It wasn't so much the spooning that had me giggling, it was this:

Gosh, I hope you're comfortable Archer.

My bed was completely overrun with dogs. Fortunately one of them is Very Small and takes up no space at all. Once I was ready for bed and got the night time dog cookies ready Archer put himself in his crate like a good little boy. You can see the rope bone toy Esme brought to bed and slept with the night before last too, she is now sleeping at the foot of the bed all night because two nights ago she balked at going into her crate and hopped onto the bed to be with everyone else. I caved and so far she is sticking to the 'stay on the bed all night and don't do anything naughty while I'm unconscious' protocol.  

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