Thursday, May 27, 2010


For me, an Alberta grown prairie gal, seeing apple trees in bloom is a real kick. I am just in heaven walking along the green paths, brushing blooms and branches out of my way, seeing the ground littered with petals, being surprised by a burst of white fluttering as the wind grabs at delicate blossoms and smelling the sweet aroma of the flowers in fresh bloom. I didn't discover the winding paths of this abandoned orchard until the fall of last year so I missed the first glimpses of the apple blossoms that dot the countryside where we now walk on a regular basis. I aim to take full advantage of the experience this year.

The Boy's favorite activity is stomping about in the bushes and stopping in a regal pose. He pulls it off quite well in my opinion.

Like so ... The apple tree is right on the path we walk most often. It is just loaded with blossoms and the petals litter the ground. It really is the perfect spot for photo ops.

Archer was happy to oblige and stand for several photographs. I had to pose him carefully because he had rolled in some deer poop about 20 minutes before and it was smeared all up his neck.

Leeloo's apple bottom between two trees. Thank goodness there are no apples, she'd have a hard time choosing between deer poop and apples ... although I strongly suspect deer poop would win out in the end.

Even when I try to pose her properly under the blossoming trees she just doesn't look quite like herself. In person she looks so great but because she's such a tomboy she doesn't ever seem to photograph like the gorgeous girl she is. She too has deer poop smeared across her shoulders - that's my girl!

The only way to photograph Esme is on the paths that have short grass. I didn't get her photo under the pretty apple tree because by the time we got to it she was looking a little worse for wear since the grass was so wet. This is the beginning of the walk when she is still relatively dry.  

However, being shorter than the grass, and it being wet, makes staying nice and fluffy an impossibility. Photos are hard too because she just kind of ... disappears.  

I did manage a good posed photo under the tree with all of them but it didn't turn out because of the way I'd arranged them, they make the photo look crooked. Tomorrow, or possibly when the grass isn't as wet, I'll try to get a nice photo of them all under this tree before it loses all its blooms. For now thought we can count this as their practice photo!

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