Saturday, May 22, 2010

Point Break

It's always nice when things go according to plan. Pity that doesn't always pan out. The intent this weekend was to get Archer's two point win out of the way. A two point win is required by the CKC because otherwise you could single point your way there and be done without ever having to really beat more than one dog and let's face it, you could put out a sway back old gaffer and point your young hot shot off it and voila ... Championship. As it stands each point Archer has earned has been hard fought and not an easy road.

He's a nice boy, you've see the pictures, but Mr. Fancy Pants is about 20 pounds lighter than his competition, not as well trained(whaaaaaat?), and on occasion his little brain suffers minor overloads while in the ring. All things that will correct with time but for now he is not really what a real show person might call 'competitive'.

However, despite all that he won 2 points today! Of course he was delighted and strutting about like he owned the place; teenagers, can't live with 'em ... well, you could live without them but then who would we laugh at? Leeloo won the bitch points which neither she nor Pearl needed (HUGE thanks to Doralee for making the drive!) and then Archer went on to win Best of Winners. Phew.

For the afternoon show I suspected that our judge, Mr. James Reynolds, would like Leeloo. I know Leeloo's movement is just like watching a ballerina float across the floor but hoped he would be swayed by the white. Not so ... Leeloo won Best of Winners which she didn't need leaving Archer with nothing. My Dad, who was watching, was convinced Leeloo was in line for the Breed win but since I'd given my mother explicit instructions to not try and beat me with Leeloo (that included Breed!) she was simply put up over Archer. Drat!

Ah well, I will file away information on these judges for next time and perhaps one day when the time is right I will bring Leeloo out for a fun game of Specials! For now though I am chipping away at Baby Archer ... he's just so darn cute!

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