Sunday, May 23, 2010


On the show weekends you expect to win you don't and when you don't expect to win you do. Such was the case this weekend. My goal, to be honest, was to get Archer's 2 point win and maybe pad it with another point or two, making the least I wanted to leave with being 6 points total for Archer after this weekend. Well, he did that and more.

In the morning show Leeloo lost like she was supposed to (Pearl did not make the drive today) and Archer won another point so we were now successfully on the 6 point goal. In the afternoon show we had to work for our winnings that's for sure! Our judge was Robert Whitney, a well known All Breed Judge. I'd never shown under him before and had no idea what he'd do. Well, he liked my little guy that's for sure. He made us move again, and again, and again and eventually he awarded Archer Best of Winners and Best of Opposite over a group winning special! Yay Archer!

So now I have a dilemma of sorts. He is currently on 8 points. The next show we intend to enter is in Canning in 5 weeks but it's a limited entry show and I already entered Raimi and Esme. Cost of show entries aside, I cannot show both boys and they are not really good dogs to hand off to any one else - they are too Mommy focussed. So Canning for Archer is out.  We were going to go to a show on PEI in July except that is the weekend some friends from Alberta are visiting. There are another couple shows in New Brunswick but I am starting a new full time job and I can't get the time off required (looks bad don't you know?) So that puts us to Cape Breton at the end of August but again, I would prefer to show Raimi, not Archer as the only class entry (a very good chance of that).  Halifax is the following weekend and after just doing two show weekends in a row ... I'm not super keen on that especially since both shows are 'away' (it's truly exhausting and I don't know how handlers do it). Then the PCKC show in Trenton, another 4 shows in 2 days ... Archer or Raimi? Tough call. Our last show of the season (or rather: that I intend to enter) is Truro in October and then after that it would be another 6 months at least before he is shown again! 

So ... 2 points is so close ... and yet so far away! I never expected him to be this far along this soon so I am a bit lost as to what I want to do. It's a really nice problem to have though!

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