Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Grow the Rushes

I managed to get a nice group shot of all the dogs. I'm not in love with the photo but Raimi just would *not* cooperate. I took about 10 photos and only 3 were acceptable to me - in most of them Raimi looked bored bored bored. Can't say I blame him, he was having a lovely time exploring the bushes when I called him over and made him stand for a whole 10 minutes while I took their photo. Poor guy. You can understand what a hardship this might be for him. Plus he's squinting which is just so annoying.

And then it was extreme playtime Ridgeback style.

Raimi rarely engages in such shenanigans anymore so he spent his time sniffing the wind and exploring the other part of the old orchard. He so grown up.

Esme had a gas through the trees as well and I think I managed to capture her glee pretty well. What a cutie pie. You should see her on the walks, all spastic energy keeping up with the big dogs. So cute.  

Nothing beats a good gallop through the bushes and trees though. Archer and Leeloo love to leap!

Archer is practicing to take over the regal pose from The Boy. He isn't quite there yet but one day he'll have the 'look' perfected. I think he's doing pretty well for a funny puppy!

Leeloo just can't stop that silly tail from doing silly tail things. Especially when she gets the scent of Something Interesting.

And those ears ... forever Leeloo ears will be a point of humour for me ... they are just so ridiculous!

Esme's sharp little eye doesn't miss much ... as long as it's above the grass height of 18 inches. She is forever 'losing' the Ridgebacks. Eventually they make a noise or come crashing past her and she's off on their trail until they lose her in the undergrowth again. Bloody Ridgebacks and their long damn legs.

Now, if only The Boy would pose like this under the apple tree. Just infuriating to see him put on his Really Big Show when he's not where I want him to be. Typical boy.

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