Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cabin Fever

On Sunday, as I said, I visited with Rhonda and her mom, who were renting a cabin just outside of Pictou, and Sara, who lives in Halifax but brought Kiki and Po up to Pictou for a weekend at the cabin. We've met with Kiki and Po before and fortunately everyone settled down fairly quickly. The tide was in so the beach off the cabin was a bit small, we tried to walk around the point but found the water coming up too high. See how Leeloo looks very unsure? The water is actually only a foot or two deep but Leeloo was still quite concerned.

Raimi ventured a little further with me but eventually decided being splashed sucked just about as much as having his nails done so he turned back.

One of my favorite photos from the day. It's not a very good photo but the subject is pretty funny. I don't remember taking this photo but here it is ... Leeloo trying to climb the cliff to get away from the evil waves. What a sissy.

I made an attempt at some neat photos to show Raimi actually standing in the water with me but what I really wanted was to show off my ultra-cute Wellie boots.

Here's another that Sara took of me and Po and Archer. Archer is looking at Po with bedroom eyes and she is looking at him with total disdain. Can you blame her, what Sophisticated Lady wants a horny teenager snorting after her?

We moved the walk to the Caribou beach I go to fairly often and Sara also took this photo of me and all the dogs. Such a rare sight must be posted. They are on lead because a couple with two Boxers walked past and I hate it when some dogs are leashed and others are not, the tension escalates faster than you can control and problems ensue. All off lead or all on ... pick one and stick to it. I prefer photos of me with all the dogs loose and maybe, one day, I'll have one!

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