Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just like a dog to prove you wrong. I bought some different dog food yesterday, soaked it, mixed it with oatmal and force fed it to Raimi - force feeding is loads of fun let me tell you. Soak the food until it's all mushy, then scoop out a small handful and shape it into a sort of tube. Grab the dog's top jaw, pull upwards and they will open their mouth, slide the food in from the near corner of their mouth and press it gently to the back of the throat. Tip their head up and gently hold their mouth closed until they swallow. Don't tip their head too far back because it can close their throat and they can't swallow or breathe ... kind of counter productive. Raimi is very good about this procedure, he doesn't like it but he puts up with it. Often if I do it to start he will continue to eat the rest of the food on his own. I always offer him the option after every couple mouthfuls to eat on his own because obviously I would prefer he eat that way. As you have guessed I have had to do this a few times since Raimi can be fussy, it just takes one thing for him to go off something. I tested him with some chunks of Rollover to see if he was off food altogether or just off the kibble. He ate the Rollover and asked for more so I knew it was not his appetite that was waning!

A couple hours later I prepared more food but put Rollover on it and he ate it up quick as you please. I also noticed Archer has not been eating with his usual gusto this morning so I offered him some of Raimi's new food and voila ... yummy! Now everyone is eating no problem and Leeloo is left to finish off the original bag that no one else likes ... she is happy to oblige, she's never known a single day of refusing food. If she ever did I'd know something was seriously wrong !

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