Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not a lot of time to post in the next couple days and this weekend I'm not sure I'll get to post at all because I'll be at a show in Canning that may or may not offer the ability to use the internet. I only have Raimi and Esme entered, Archer is getting a break from showing for a few months (even though he's on 8 points) and Leeloo is finished and doesn't need to be shown anymore. She thought it was stupid anyway so she's happy with this arrangement.

The last time I showed Raimi was a year ago at this very show. It has actually been an entire year since he has been in the ring and I don't expect much good behaviour from him. It could be our undoing actually. He is *so* excited to be shown he kind of turns into the Yo-Yo of Glee. He shows well when he's not beside himself with joy but we fluctuate between insane happiness, a correction from me, then Sad Boy, then I say it's okay to be a little happy Raimi, then he is over the moon because I love him again. Sigh. Just ... avert your eyes ... it's so embarrassing to show him sometimes. All I want from him this weekend is to get his show brain back in gear - this show was kind to me last year with a Best Puppy in Show for Leeloo and a group placement for Raimi but different judges mean different results. He's also competing against the #5 Ridgeback in Canada who shows *perfectly* so even a breed win would be a nice kudos. We'll see, my expectations are a bit low but at least I know I'll still be the best dressed loser ... must keep up appearances don't you know?

Now Esme I'm really looking forward to showing. I'm not sure how she'll do against other breeds in the puppy group ring, which I know will happen because she's the only Puli puppy, but it will be nice to know she will definitely get a little extra ring time for practice. I don't expect her to win points this weekend because my mom's two class dogs have lots of 'proper' coat instead of fluff but I do hope she behaves well and enjoys herself. She is a little spit fire to show (in the backyard) but we'll see how she does (in an actual ring). She is only entered in 2 of the 4 available shows because I didn't want to overwhelm her on her first weekend out. Nothing like burning out a puppy you want to special in later years!

I have to admit that Pulis are my comfort-zone breed. Let's face it, I grew up showing these dogs, I competed in junior handling with them, I've trained and groomed them my whole life - showing a Puli is second nature for me. I can grandstand with a Puli and not feel awkward, I know exactly how to present them, and I know that when I show Esme the judge is going to have to look pretty darn hard to find a fault.

So if, after tomorrow, you don't see a new post it will mean that I cannot get internet access and therefore won't be posting until Monday evening. Tragic I know. But let's hope that whatever I post will be good news about the dog show!

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